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Posted 3 months ago
Posted by: Community_ManagerManagement


Welcome to our first update, we have waited a long time to start posting updates. So lets start off with a bang!

For the past days I've been working on the minigame Last Man Standing.

This minigame is good for starting PKers to practice their PvP skills.

The rewards you get for participating and winning are top of the chart.


  • A minimum of 16 players to start the minigame
  • You cannot bring any gear or items from your inventory
  • Pets are prohibited

You start out with a premade set of gear and a preset inventory.

image.png.b43bd97efc280bd9c21fe11ba5e391f5.png   image.png

You can upgrade your gear by looting loot crates or killing players for a bloody key.


In the last Man Standing minigame, players are given a certain amount of points based on their performance in a game:

  • 1st place - 5 points
  • 2nd place - 4 points
  • 3rd/4th place - 3 points
  • 5th/9th place - 2 points
  • 10th/19th place - 1 point


  • Bonus points (do stack with each other):
  • 2 kills - 1 point
  • 3 kills - 2 points
  • 4 kills - 3 points
  • 5 or more kills - 5 points






Posted 3 months ago
Posted by: Community_ManagerManagement


Welcome back to another update-post, this time we introduce the Loot Keys.

With this new setting enabled, you can opt to have your PvP opponents drop their loot in the form of a Key.

That key will contain up to 28 of your opponents most valuable items, which would otherwise have been dropped on the ground.





To benefit from these Loot Keys, you'll need to purchase the ability to gain Loot Keys from Skully.

Skully will sell this ability for a fee of 250 million GP. You can also speak to him to toggle this ability off and on at any time.

  • Using the Loot Key on the chest next to Skully will allow you to see all the loot stored inside the key.
  • You can hold up to five keys at a time Should you receive a key after hitting the limit, it'll drop to the ground along with any loot, as per existing behavior. (Loot Keys cannot be banked).
  • You'll be able to customize your drops from the following options:
  • Decide whether your opponents food and potions go to the Loot Key, or are dropped normally to the ground allowing you more survivability.
  • Change the value threshold of the Loot Keys, so that items above a certain threshold will appear normally on the ground or inside the key.


Skully is located at the Ferox Enclave.

Skulled or not will not matter there will always appear a loot key skull above your head.

The effects of being un-skulled and the Item Protect Prayer apply to any items NOT held in Loot Keys, but not Loot Keys themselves. As a consequence, Loot Keys will always be dropped on death.

Should you be unfortunate enough to die with any Key in your inventory, they will either be transferred to the player that killed you (If they are eligible to receive them) or deleted.








Kind regards,


The ViolationX staff team

Posted 2 months ago
Posted by: Community_ManagerManagement



Bug patches:

- Fixed attack distance for ranged special attacks

- Fixed the Zaryte crossbow special attack

- The reward amount when claiming the Leaderboard price is now formatted

- Fixed bonus lectern spawn locations

- Fixed Skully's price from 1 million gp to 250 million gp

- Fixed double drops lamp message

- Free shops should now give you free items

- Fixed Revenants healing attack

- Fixed pets being picked up when using the Talk-to option

- Fixed pets not being able to morph into another form

- Fixed equipment button in the bank

- Fixed abyssal whip (or) and tentacle (or)

- Fixed the bonus bm scroll

- Fixed the price checker with noted items

- Fixed jal nib rek transcript

- Fixed single+ issue that caused multi combat to break when in combat.

- Fixed coins not dropping under npc.

- Fixed Vet'ion not resetting on death.

- Players can now logout during the tutorial.

- When clicking the map during your account pin tutorial, it will no longer close.

- Fixed trials not granting a reward.

- Fixed chaos fanatic attack animation.

- Fixed all wilderness boss stats. (Very important for proper combat)

- Fixed 3 NPE errors found during BETA testing.

- Bolt special attack will no longer trigger 100% of the time vs combat dummys.

- Your special attack will no longer be drained vs combat dummys.



- Added ::hpevent

- You can now click on the events in the quest tab for information

- Added a ranging potion to the consumables shop

- Added a exp counter with options

- The exp counter images will now change from Exp to Hits when changing the format

- Completed the task trials, talk to Mazchna for a trial
                   - Monster hunt will grant you 30 minutes to complete the task

                 - Target hunt will grant you 20 minutes to complete the task
                 - Player hunt will grant you 15 minutes to complete the task







Kind regards,

The ViolationX staff

Posted 2 months ago
Posted by: Community_ManagerManagement



Bug patches:

- Fixed single+ icon being overwritten by multi icon in the revenant caves.
- Replaced the uncharged bracelet of ethereum drop with the charged version.
- Removed Ether from the drop tables and collection logs.
- Fixed certain achievements not triggering such as the Mystery box achievement.
- Fixed the wilderness key not spawning.
- All "free" shop items now have a attribute called "spawnable". You cannot distribute spawnable items.
- Fixed the client being stuck on login screen.
- Fixed the brutal dragon event
- Fixed world bosses and metallic bosses sending out invalid kill messages.
- Fixed trading post breaking because of a NPE error.
- Fixed paladin npc ids.
- Fixed certain items not displaying in the "always" drop table.
- Fixed the LMS task closing down after 1 hour.
- Fixed a blowpipe error.
- Fixed thieving teleport locations.
- You will now face objects once you arrive next to the object.
- Fixed broken client logic for drawing health bars and hitmarks.
- Fixed buy X in shops.
- Fixed max hit calculations.
- Fixed barrows, find nearest walkable tile to spawn on.
- Adjust magic calculations (Accuracy).
- Fixed multi magic spells.
- Fixed certain projectiles not skipping travel.
- Removed "high detail" sprites they break certain interfaces.
- Fixed bonds right click "drop".
- Fixed staff icons from being fitlered out of messages.
- Fixed hotspots.
- Fixed bonus lectern timer sprite.
- Fixed combat dummys draining spec.


- Changed the daily activity rewards.
- Increased client render distance.
- Updated mystery box models.
- Every npc above level 200 now drops between 250K and 1M coins.
- Coin drops are now visible on the npc drop viewer.
- Bank all items when loading a custom preset.
- Changed shops.
- Changed stall level requirements.
- Changed stalls respawn timer to 3 ticks.
- Spawned the chaos elder druid at the chaos altar.
- Prayer curses failed the poll. Removal of curse prayers.
- Improved achievements interface opening code.
- Zulrah teleport will now teleport you straight into the Zulrah lair.
- Added Xerics champion to the achievement rewards with its own bonus effect.
- Updated drop announcements.
- Nex respawn time has been changed to 12 seconds.
- Nex now also has a respawn timer on death.
- Nihil shards no longer announce on drop.
- Nex now drops 1/4 Nihil shards every kill where you receive a drop.

Task trials:

We have updated the task trials system, we now have a total of 4 choices.

* Player trials

* Target trials

* Safe trials

* Monster trials

Each trial comes with a different reward and time requirement.

Safe trials generate a random trial between (player, target or monster).

You can complete these trials in a "safe" area, for PvP trials you can type ::funpk.




Kind regards,

The ViolationX staff team

Posted 2 months ago
Posted by: OwnerViolation



Dear Violationx players,

We will be hosting a PS5 giveaway and it will start on the release day!


How can I win the PS5 giveaway?

You have to unlock everything posted down below:

1. Must be maxed as a TRAINED account.

2. Must have 1000 player kills. (PK Farmers will be DQ'ed and dealt with accordingly)

3. Must have atleast 45 achievements completed.

4. Must have completed atleast 10 collection logs.

5. Must have won LMS atleast 1 time.

6. Must have won any tournament atleast 3 times

7. Must have ended as #1 pker on the leaderboard atleast 1 time.

8. Must have voted atleast 10 times.


When does the giveaway end?

The giveaway ends exactly whenever someone unlocked everything posted above.


What are prizes?

1. PS5 / PayPal / In-game.
2. Extra 100$ bond in-game.
3. Custom pet in-game.


Disclaimer: If you already own an PS5 or do not want the PS5, we can also give you the equivalent amount on PayPal or ingame currency.


Good Luck to all!  


Yours Sincerely,

ViolationX Management