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{10 march, 2023} Colossal tasks, 2 new bosses, HCIM mode and more!

Posted by Lewt
March 10, 2023


I. Colossal Tasks

II. New Bosses


IV. Patches & QoL’s


I. Colossal Tasks

Colossal Introduction

You start a Colossal task by speaking to “sir. Colossal”, sitting at the ::slayer building. You have 4 different levels of tasks you can complete. Once you complete the full task’s exchange, you may then get a set amount of tokens.

A task has 3 stages. You have to complete all 3 to get the tokens.


Colossal Task Difficulties
1. Rogue
2. Challenger
3. Nightmare
4. Hell


Colossal Shop & Colossal Lottery

The colossal shop and colossal lottery are  still in development. This will be most likely added in the next update. However, you can still do the colossal tasks in the meantime.


Colossal Dailies

Complete Rogue tier task to get a Donator mystery box
Complete Challenger tier task to get a Super mystery mbox + 50k bm
Complete Warrior tier task to get a 2x Super mystery box + 75k bm
Complete Earl tier task to get a Legendary mystery box + 75k bm


II. New Bosses

We added two new bosses, DUSK & DAWN. Both bosses can be found in the wilderness with a very nice droptable, inluding two alchemy ingredients.

Dusk: Can be found in the lava maze

Dawn: Can be found north of Lava Dragons


III. Hardcore Ironman

Hardcore Ironman is now added to the game modes!


When will this competition start and end?
• The competition is starting RIGHT NOW! Create an account straight after the game has updated!
• The competition is ending: N/A

Only eligible for reward when you are minimum on the nightmare exp mode.

1st NOTE: You can not use bonds on your HCIM. You are only allowed to donate in-name on the hcim.


Bare in mind, you can not participate the competition as Group Hardcore Ironman

There will be three winners:
First Place
✦ 300$ PayPal credit or 600$ ingame credit.
✦ For choosing ingame credit you also get a customized pet of your choice with 2 effects of choice.
✦ You are not eligible for a custom pet when choosing PayPal credit.

Second Place
✦ 500$ ingame credit and a custom pet of choice with 1 perk.

Third Place
✦ 300$ ingame credit and a custom pet of choice with no perks.

Requirements to win:
♤ Max out a HCIM nightmare account
♤ Complete 10 collection logs
♤ Complete 30 achievements, PvP achievements do not count
♤ Must have voted atleast 20 times for ViolationX on your HCIM account
♤ Must have completed 50 slayer tasks
♤ Must have unlocked a ranking in Trials Slayer. (25 trials tasks)
♤ Unlock 2 uniques from Nex
♤ Unlock 2 uniques from Nightmare
♤ Unlock 2 uniques from Galvek
♤ Unlock Trilogy Boots (A) from the Lava Forge
♤ Unlock Tetrad Ring (A) from the Lava Forge


IV. Patchces & QoLs

– Fixed Nex de-sync.
– Fixed nightmare special attack “grasping claws”.
– Fixed the nightmare husks HP.
– Fixed the nightmare flower special attack.
– Fixed the nightmare range and magic attacks.
– Brutal dragon knockback attack has been modified.
– Finished the colossal system, only new custom rewards left. (NEXT UPDATE)
– Added the hardcore ironman game mode.
– Added all missing slayer item requirements to the slayer shop for free.
– Fixed pet drops dissapearing because of no space.
– Made the yell-tag scroll untradeable.
– Fixed the slayer interface telling you that you unlocked a different perk.
– Updated price values of certain items.
– Fixed dark sage orb deleting double drop scrolls and sending the incorrect message.
– Made forge items tradeable.
– Fixed skilling bottles spawning in the wrong places during agility.
– Fixed railing access at Camelot, this fixes a clue not being accessible.
– Fixed Zenesha npc at Ardougne, this fixes a clue not being accessible.
– Added combat attributes for missing spiritual mage npc.
– Added glory teleports and charges.
– You can now pass shantay pass.
• This allows another clue to be finished.
– Added missing white mountain npc spawns.
– Poison scorpions now count towards the scorpion task.
– Added missing scorpion spawns in the wild.
– Made sir vywin spawn on the ground floor.
– Finished slayer teleport. You can now teleport directly to your task using the slayer masters option.
– Added a bunch of new slayer tasks to the possibilities.
– Superior bosses can now spawn even off-task, but harder spawn rate than when you’re on task.
– Superior bosses spawn rate has been changed from 35 to 15.
– Slayer buff:
• You now receive 10K blood money for normal tasks
• 15k for normal wilderness tasks
• 20k for normal boss tasks
• 30k for wilderness boss tasks
– A donator mystery box every 5 tasks
– A super mystery box every 50 tasks
– A legendary mystery box every 100 tasks
– Marks of grace are now worth 5.000 blood money.
– Added piscatoris teleport to the teleport tab.
– Added astral altar to the universal talisman.
– Skilling now grants blood money and random skilling goodie bags.
– Buffed raids point calculation a little bit.
– Added two new wilderness bosses; Dusk and Dawn
– Nerfed drop rate bonus of the Syrax slayer helmet, ring of wealth (i) and the Dark Saged orb to make everything more balanced.
• The bonus lectern now gives a drop rate boost of +5%.
• Fixed wyrms animations.
– Fixed a bunch of bugged clue scroll steps.
– Added a new book of instance where you can fight most monsters in a instance, obtainable from slayer.
– Updated drop tables of:
• Callisto
• Crazy archaeologist
• Dagannoth prime
• Dagannoth rex
• Dagannoth supreme
• Venenatis
• Vet’ion