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{11th Feb, 2023} New pets with effects, Patches & QoL

Posted by Lewt
February 11, 2023


I. New pets + effects

II. Sanguine Twisted Bow

III. Patches & QoL


I. New pets + effects

New pets have been added and all of the pets have different effects. Here’s a list of the new pets:

  • Chaotic Death spawn
  • Antique Dragon Pet
  • Shamanzi Pet
  • Skogre Pet
  • Tenacious Pet
  • Galana Pet
  • Faithless Crypt Pet


[1a.] Chaotic Death spawn

This pet is obtainable from bounty & hotspot store.


  • You'll keep +1 more item when skulled, if smited you'll lose EVERYTHING!


[1b.] Antique Dragon Pet

This pet is obtainable from Trials slayer.


  • +5 Trial Slayer points per task


[1c.] Shamanzi Pet

This pet is obtainable from Lizard shaman droptable.


  • +5% damage on bosses in wilderness
  • Higher chance on superior version spawns from automic spirits


[1d.] Skogre Pet

This pet is obtainable from Ulfric Boss (in development, will be added later!)


  • Applies sickness to opponent in PvP/PvM situations. (doubles damage output if using Elder Spirit Shield)
  • Increases max hit of undead weapons (Revenant weapons, TSOTD scythe of vitur etc)

[1e.] Tenacious Pet

This pet is obtainable from slayer store


  • Auto-looting in your looting bag (wilderness)
  • Auto-looting to your bank in (safezone)


[1f.] Galana Pet

This pet is obtainable from Trial slayer


  • 10% droprate boost
  • 5% chance to double the loot


[1g.] Faithless Crypt Pet

This pet is obtainable from fusion (all barrows pet fused in one)


  • Slight accuracy boost in every style (10%)
  • +1 max hit with range and melee weapons


II. Sanguine Twisted Bow

You can now use the sanguine ornament kit on a twisted bow. Doing so, will make your tbow slightly stronger than the regular twisted bow. See below what the new bonuses and effects are.

It will have 75% damage and accuracy boost on monsters and a has x2 arrow hits.

This damange and accuracy boost has also been added to sanguine Scythe of Vitur.



III. Patches & QoL


– Fixed certain items not being banked.
– Korasi (a) now has 50% spec instead of 60%.
– Nex will now drop the “always” drops for everyone who is close to nex when he is dieing.
– The drop table drops of NEX are only for the TOP 5 damagers.
– CNTRL+B now has identical checks as ::bank.
– Fixed dragon warhammer item requirements.
– Added dragon warhammer (or).
– You can now drop items with a max value of 100 blood money in the wilderness.
– The divine rune pouch is now auto-kept, only the runes are dropped.
– Blistered totems will now be deleted when you enter the seren boss, not upon leaving.
– You can no longer setup a cannon at the blistered seren boss.
– Trained accounts can now change their combat levels regardless if they had earned the EXP or not.
– Bounty hunter system will no longer check for wilderness level and can only assign targets with a +/- 6 combat level difference.
– You can now get a target assigned in any wilderness level previously only +10.
– Updated wilderness cave drop tables they were set way to overpowered.
– Updated the Galvek drop table, same issue applied.
– The blistered seren is now a FFA boss in a instance, you can only kill one per emblem.
– Fixed clan chats not properly saving upon restart.
– Fixed hunter traps.
– Fixed demonic gorilla’s task bottle task not triggering.
– Fixed Kalphite queen slayer task.
– Tournament user interface bugs have been fixed.
– Tournament double death has been fixed.
– Fixed a tournament issue where rounds would overlap each other. This was the cause of people getting randomly kicked.

– You can now load presets in the riskzone safe area.
– You can no longer open the preset interface if your outside a safe zone.
– You can now spawn and set your levels inside any safe area.
– The riskzone no longer has a combat level check, you can attack any combat bracket.
– You now need a minimal of 5.000 points to get a drop at raids.
– Raids rewards have been scaled to make it easier when teaming. From testing around 1/20 to 1/25 for a rare drop when teaming. With 15.000 points AVG.
– Solo raiding has also been buffed. From testing around 1/10 to 1/14 for a rare drop when soloing. With 40.000 points AVG.
– We are still tring to find the issue in accuracy formulas, so let’s just multiply by 0 vs players and 1 vs npcs. Seems to even the odds, even though this is a cheap fix we need to fix it correctly.
– Fixed broken tournament placement reward logic.
– You can no longer create group iron names that already exist.
– Everyone is now able to start and join a group regardless of level or play time.
– The seren area is no longer wilderness, you have to move back over the barricades to leave the area.
– Serpentine helmets can now inflict venom to NPCS.
– Titanium hasta and crossbow now have a value.
– Verzik vitur should no longer hit through other instances.
– Syrax slayer helm now grants a 15% additional boost upon the already existing slayer helm boost.
– Task trials are now checking slayer level requirements.
– Teleblock will now reset when the person that teleblocked you logs out or is killed.
– Updated ironman shops.
– Double drops logic has been adjusted.
– Previously double drop lamps would trigger with a random roll of 1 in 10. Now they always trigger.
– Double drops can only be triggerede on yell items, a yell items is an item with a value of at least 10.000 BM.
– Fixed double loot on double death with loot keys.
– Fixed certain lectern bonuses not triggering.
– The lectern bonus now appears on a new line in your chatbox.
– Fixed pvm deaths.
– Fixed items not refreshing when moving them around in the inventory.

– Minimum vengeance damage trigger is now set to minimal 1 DMG.
– Vengeance should now be working properly off-pid and on-pid.
– Buffed (PvP) range and melee accuracy this was requested by veng pkers. It used to be fun to hit often, I made it less OP as before but still strong and balanced.
– Cntrl+B is now a gold+ command.
– Added blood money value to all pets in-game.
– Increased raids points per damage.
– You now lose 10% instead of 40% points when you die at raids.
– Fixed a NPE error in the teleport to bounty target which would sometimes break the spell.
– Teleport to target shouldn’t leave you floating anymore.
– Revenants are no longer agressive when you wear an bracelet of ethereum.
– Fixed clan chat saving. Chat’s may need to be reconfigured sorry for that.
– LMS fix: made surrounding regions unwalkable.
– Removed god wars dungeon logic on the GWD bosses in the wilderness. This clashed and broke some logic.
– Fixed pathing for LMS rocks.
– We now cache regions, this was not the case before.
– Added LMS safespot hints in the chatbox until we add a custom arrow packet on the screen.
– Level 3 combat can now only receive rock crabs as slayer task.
– Replaced the blade of saeldor with the correct id.
– Fixed NPCS locking on respawn.
– Fixed NPC retreating.
– Fixed Lectern bonus in raids.
– Added frozen key parts to blood money shop, 15k each piece.
– Nex drops were lowered, meaning it’s easier to get drops now.
– Added Frozen Key in Nex droptable.
– Fixed arcane ss prot value.
– Increased elysian ss prot value.

– Fixed clan chat send message.
– Fixed new friend rank.
– Fixed broken clan chat grammar.
– Trials logic change, if we have no tasks available, it will let the player know.
– Fixed ToB errors which broke ToB.
– Fixed loot crates for LMS.
– Ironman now get a re-roll on points msytery chests and boxes if they received points they can’t use.
– Fixed drop scrolls being taken when the drop was not doubled.
– Allowed top 10 damagers for nex events, cmd used by staff.
– Fixed force movement update mask it was broken on the last update.
– The wilderness ditch force movement animation is now smooth.
– Allowed certain mods to use ::nexevent.
– Fixed Vet’ion lightning attack.
– Updated the client item menus.
– Emblems and atrifacts are now always lost on death.
– We now only trigger objects when we are close to them. This solves a range of object click actions.
– Hunter’s crossbow can now shoot long kebbit bolts.
– Added the new sanguine twisted bow. This bow is currently the strongest bow (read above)
– Added new pets with respective effects.
– Pets mystery box can now roll every pet in the game.
– Fixed the pestilent bloat.
– You can now combine your max cape with the masori assembler.
– Rename vote box to vote mystery box.
– Added mystery boxes to the “Other” collection logs.
– Updated the promo ticket.
– Added galvek as regular slayer task.
– Seren will no longer target other players outside of the instance.
– In LMS you can now only join on one account per address.
– Added more ground item spawns such as blue dragon scales upstairs at the Blue dragons in Taverly.
– Server-wide ground items respawn in 20 ticks.
– Added bounty hunter scroll to the vote store.
– Made vorkaths head tradeable.
– Added a npc that can change your game mode and exp mode.
– Hunter no longer locks npcs.
– Avernic defender is now tradeable
– Holy kits also give damage and accuracy boost of 35%.