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{25th Feb, 2023} The return of Chambers of Xeric, Clue scroll system, AFK Zone and more!

Posted by Lewt
February 25, 2023


I. The Return of Cox

II. Clue scrolls


IV. Patches & QoL’s


DOUBLE EXPERIENCE is now live until monday!


I. The return of Chambers of Xeric

Chamber of Xeric is officially back, the development team fixed all the bugs from the past!

The top 3 players to receive a twisted bow or sanguine kit from CoX, will be awarded:

  • #1: 100$ Bond and a custom in-game title + colour of choice
  • #2: 75$ Bond
  • #3: 50$ Bond


II. Clue Scrolls

In this update, we are introducing the clue scroll system.

There are five different levels of clue scrolls. The higher level ones being more difficult to complete. Players can own up to one clue scroll of each level at a time.

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Elite
  • Master

The anagrams, crypts and maps are like OSRS!


III. AFK zone

If you are busy and want to AFK without logging out in-game, you now can use the ::afk cmd and afk as long as you want! You’ll be gaining AFK-points which can be spend in the AFK store.


IV. Patches & QoL’s

– Finished CoX
– Fixed single+ logic
– Fixed multi logic
– Fixed single logic
– Fixed instant attack new targ after killing a victim in single
– Allow insta pj of p1 when p2 kills npc1 which was attacking p1 in single
– “Should be instant pj from NPC to PLAYER.” in combat – added support
– Fixed logout timer in combat.
– Fixed LMS regions.
– Fixed collection logs. Mystery boxes were changed.
– Fixed COX rewards.
– Rewrote the Spade, it now has support for clue scrolls. (Almost finished clue scroll system)
– Shake camera now stops shaking when Olm dies.
– Fixed lesser demon drop table.
– Fixed a region in wilderness cave being safe.
– Balanced sanguine twisted bow, sanguine scythe of vitur.
• Sanguine twisted bow second arrow now hits 50% damage of the first arrow.
• Both the sanguine twisted bow and scythe have the same max hit power in absolute max.
– Balanced holy scythe of vitur.
– The augmented weapons are now BIS weapons and surpass the power of the sanguine items.
– Added render level packet to rest of CoX rooms.
– Fixed Tekton passage.
– Changed the max players per IP in the wilderness to UUID.
– Teleport to target cooldown has been changed to one minute.
– When you skip your target it now stores the name and you cannot be assigned as target to that player until you logout.
– Fixed Vet’ion not counting towards PVM tasks.
– Fixed bowfa and blade of saeldors not dropping the right ids.
– Rewritten hotpost system, a hotspot now changes every 2 hours.
– The following bosses have been moved out of the wilderness.
• King black dragon
• Alchemical hydra
• Demonic gorillas
• Corporeal beast
– Finished AFK zone. ::afk
– Fixed muttadile room- cant use Z only packet due to using 2 regions #474
– Prevent going backwards after tekton room #475
– Nightmare and Nex KC and achievements now properly update.
– Moved certain skilling supplies out of the store, and gave them a value.
– Removed items with no value from the raids loot table.
– Remove all items with a new value from players on login.
– Fixed tasks cancelling prematurely such as the Trial task.
– Added clue scrolls
• easy
• med
• hard
• elite
• master
– Bonus lectern has been increased to 5 players rather than 3.
– Added clue scrolls to drop tables.
– Fixed fire wall olm attack.
– Fixed lightning olm attack.
– Changed HP of CoX npcs.
– Fixed Tenacious not always banking items or you need to relog to see the items banked.
– Dwarf cannon now delays damage whilst setting up cannon, like dspear stack.
– Made ::cpvp a proper instance now, this fixes the object issues.
– LMS: only spawn a crate at coord if one doesnt exist + loot triggers on correct crate + check for removed.
– You can no longer enter Ferox Enclave with a wilderness key.
– Member zone skill multipliers have been fixed.
– Added a new ::risk command, this shows your total risk.
– The dragon warhammer (or) now has stats.
– Added sandworms to the Ironman store.
– You no longer get teleported that often by elder chaos druids.
– Fixed new god staves max hits and updated their protection value.
– Added four new quick teleport commands
• ::zulrah
• ::cerb
• ::corp
• ::nm
– You can now select your own value of items that should be looted by the tenacious pet.
– Updated ::rules cmd.
– Fixed players not being “in combat” when you fire a bolt or spell.
– Fixed timing of combat checks for distanced/close attacks + make timing of facing match 07
– Fixed pid affecting delays of 2+
• This affects all range, mage, anything that isn’t 0t melee. per wiki, distance 1 is delay 1.
– Fixed potential no-clip issue where Nex and Bloat appear in walls.