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{3rd Feb, 2023} Galvek Boss, Return of ToB and patches & QoLs!

Posted by Lewt
February 3, 2023

I. Galvek

II. Battle-Mage Changes

III. Return of ToB

IV. Patches & QoL



I. Galvek







You can teleport to this boss by talking to DragonKin at home. Before you take the challenge, make sure to bring an antifire shield and super antifire potion combination with you to nullify all damage from pinkg and orange attacks!

Galvek has 3 phases:

  • Fire Phase
  • Air Phase
  • Water Phase
  • Earth Phase


Phase I (Fire):

The Galvek will be hitting with melee and magic. He can occasionally launch fire bombs, which if touched, will deal a huge DMG, most likely will be 1 hitting the player. The fire bomb radius is 3×3, so be careful where you run!

The fire bombs are always positioned in the same position and will explode after a set amount of time has passed.


Phase II (Air):

The Galvek will be flying and can occasionally launch gusts of wind that drain the player’s stats by 2 and run energy by 40%. Be prepared, the galvek will start hitting with ranged attacks first on this phase then he will switch between range and mage hits. The one hit fireball will still be used in this stage!!


Phase III (Water):

Galvek takes on the powers of water, flying towards both sides of the area. He can occasionally send out tsunamis (acting much like the fire waves during a fight in the quest A Kingdom Divided) along with the standard one-hit fireball. If hit by these waves, the player will take over 100 damage. Phase III has the potential to be Galvek’s deadliest phase, as the player is incredibly limited to movement if Galvek launches his tsunami and his fireball subsequently, leaving almost no room for error. Galvek also uses Ranged attacks much more commonly in this phase.


Phase IV (Earth):

Galvek takes on the powers of earth, landing on the middle of the area. He can occasionally launch earth projectiles, which if the player is caught in, will be bound for several seconds. This deals no actual damage to the player, but leaves them extremely vulnerable to the highly damaging dragonfire, which he almost always uses if he is successful in binding the player. His earth attack can be avoided by simply moving one square. Moreover, walking in circles around Galvek or back and forth on the North or South end allows the player to avoid his rocks and dragonfire.


II. Battle-Mages update

Battle mages god tokens droprate has now been changed. Read below what the changes are:

Guthix token 

1-95 from guthix npc & 1-500 from saradomin + zamorak

Saradomin token

1-95 from saradomin npc & 1-500 from guthix + zamorak

Zamorak token 

1-95 from zamorak npc & 1-500 from guthix + saradomin


III. Return of ToB






ToB has been fixed and is now back live! Most the bosses are like OSRS, but some have “custom” mecanics, which is intended.

The raids recruiting board is located west of home. Simply click on it and create a party, invite your friends and start the adventure!


IV. Patches & QoLs

– Blistered Seren HP has been reduced to 1.000.
– Updated shop prices.
– Buffed the target emblems in blood money value when trading them in.
– Players can no longer teleport to target if they have not unlocked the wilderness cave.
– Wilderness cave requirements have been nerfed per member rank.
kill requirements
[1] Bronze member 45 kills
[2] Steel member 40 kills
[3]Silver member 35 kills
[4]Gold member 30 kills
[5]Titanium and Platinum member 25 kills

Trial requirements:
[1] Bronze member 9 tasks
[2] Steel member 8 tasks
[3] Silver member 6 tasks
[4] Gold member 5 tasks
[5] Titanium and Platinum member 4 tasks

– Replaced the rune pouch with the vengeance skull in tournaments.
– Freezes now reset when opponents teleport out.
– Fixed a visual bug when teleporting out of a tournament.
– Fixed world boss and zulrah teleports not having teleport checks.
– Fixed mixing herblore with invalid ingredients.
– Fixed master capes in skilling shop.
– Fixed achievement calculations for PvP achievements.
– You can no longer start a new trial before claiming your pending rewards.
– Slayer, trial points and trials completed will now instantly trigger upon completion. You still have to return to the master for the reward.
– Vote rewards will now be “added under any circumstance” before they were banked they now go to, inv, bank or ground.
– You can no longer join a LMS game if one is already active.
– When completing your account the proper icons will now be assigned.
– Fixed LMS boundaries.
– When you kill someone in LMS you now get healed back to full.
– Fixed rune pouch not properly banking runes.
– Fixed wilderness key broadcasting.
– Fixed wilderness key holder not being able to attack back.
– Performing ::redeem will no longer grant you member rank, this was a “1 week bonus” for the lads. Now, you get bonds only / whatever you have donated for.
– When you are on a immunity timer in LMS and attack someone, your immunity cancels out.
– Resetting slayer task now also resets your streak.
– Fixed blistered seren hitting people out of her boundary.
– Changed ingredients of certain Alchemy items that were too easy to obtain.
– Added a new boss Galvek, enter the instance at the DragonKin at home.
– Added a proper object removal flag.
– Added client logging. This can be found in your .violationx cache (<– Cdrive > user > youruser)
– revenant kills now count for each kill.
– Added ::nopid command, this will open up nopid’s youtube page.
– Added ::sandesus command, this will open up nopid’s youtube page.
– nopid and sandesus can now be filled in the referral boxes under “youtuber” option.
– Only developers can use page up and page down now.
– Vengeance trigger is now delayed by 1 tick and no longer instant.
– Retribution prayer has been fixed.
– Fixed visual bug in the buy pages in the grand exhange, where it would say buyer instead of seller.
– Fixed client timeouts which would disconnect you from the game.
– Dragon (g) armour is now tradeable and sellable in General Store.
– ::redeem command now also opens the promo interface and shows your own donation progress.
– Zamorakian spear price has been changed to 7.500.
– Fixed gamble ban self exclude.
– You can no longer droptrade valuebales in the wilderness, you can only drop consumables.
– Fixed items not being dropped when killing someone with a looting bag.
– Spawn poison pool objects only show for said player.
– Fixed errors that we found in production file.
– ToB is now live!
– Xarpus disconnectig the whole server bug has now been fixed.
– There could be some different mecanics inside TOB, which is not 1:1 OSRS. This is intended so it’s not as hard as OSRS.
– Instances now properly clean up after you leave.
– You will no longer see poison in your Vorkath instance of other players.
– The spitball attack will no longer be visible in your instance that targets other players.
– Fixed 0 bolts caused by presets.
– Fixed flower poker issue people entering your lane.
– LMS: only gives tokens on logout if gametime > 1min + only trigger teleport out of session if actually in session (stops insta logout farming)