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{4 March, 2023} Scrying Quest, NEW Lava forge items, Fully working GWD and more!

Posted by Lewt
March 4, 2023


I. The Scrying Quest

II. Lava Forge update


IV. Patches & QoL


I. The Scrying Quest

We are introducing our very own unique quest, named “The Scrying”.

Go to your quest tab, click on the quest icon. Simply read the instructions and voila, new adventure started!

Go to the Abyss and talk to “Dark Mage” to get started.

Make sure to bring atleast 3-4 brews with you, to fight the pyrelord.


After finishing the quest, you get:

✦ 2 Quest Points
✦ 5x Exp Lamps
✦ 5x Double drop Lamps
✦ 1x Donator Mystery Box
✦ Scrying Orb & Energy mix (1)

Dark Saged Orb

When combining the energy mix (1) with the scrying orb, you create a new orb.

The “Dark Saged Orb” is a very powerful PVM orb, giving you several boosts. Read below what the boosts are:

✦ 5% droprate bonus in Safezone
✦ 10% droprate bonus in Wilderness
✦ 5% chance on double drop in Safezone
✦ 10% chance on double drop in Wilderness
✦ +5 Extra slayer points in Safezone
✦ +10 Extra slayer points in Wilderness


II. Lava Forge update

NEW items have been added to the lava forger! Here’s a list of the new items:

Molten ward:
5 malediction
5 odium
10 sacred claws

Profuse Ward
5 human hearts
5 blood herbs,
Moltend ward
2 wyverns
2 dragonfire wards

Sacred Thorns (can bind any helm on it)
1 Syrax Helm
1 Black phat
1 White Phat
1 Blue Phat
5 Sage crystals

Exanimate Crossbow
2x zaryte bows
15x human Hearts
15x Blood herbs
5x Sage crystals
250x Fire Salts

Examinate Bow
2x Bow of faerdhinen
15x human Hearts
15x Blood herbs
5x Sage crystals
250x Fire Salts

vantoris gladius
2x Blade of Saeldor
15x human Hearts
15x Blood herbs
5x Sage crystals
250x Fire Salts

… and more!!


III. GWD update

The 1:1 OSRS GWD dungeon is now fully working!

The drops have also been changed to osrs-alike.


IV: Patches & QoLs

Bug fixes:
– Fixed recent winners in tournaments.
– When you de-iron, you’ll now be removed from ironman groups.
– Fixed clue scrolls sending nothing interesting happens messages.
– Fixed tenacious pet looting items when they kill someone as ironman.
– Fixed corporeal beast safe spot.
– Fixed collection logs of Cerberus, Alchemical hydra and dragons.
– Fixed collection log of CoX.
– Fixed nex minions attempting to retreat.
– Fixed Nex combat script, where he would randomly appear in walls.
– Fixed certain tasks still acting like wilderness trials when they were moved to safezone.
– Fixed teleport to target issue.
– Fixed the wilderness obelisk at Ferox not being wilderness for a couple of tiles.
– Fixed nieve npc ID on the clue scroll.
– Logs burned by the infernal axe now count towards the skilling scroll.
– The camera shaking should now cancel once Olm finished the attack.
– Fixed doomsayer npc spawn.
– When dieing to Olm you now respawn in the Room next to Olm.
– Fixed combat accuracy, the defensive bonuses were broken and this caused many 0s.
✦ We had boosted melee and range as a cheap fix this boost has been removed because we found the issue.
– Fixed all ironman checks.
– Fixed ironmans being able to receive loot keys and loot from the assasin.
– Moved the lava forge in the middle of the raids area. (Very ugly, Sharky had a stroke when he did, but it is what it is!)
– Fixed CoX instance issues.
– Blocked hardcore ironman from using bonds, entering tournies and lms.
– Fixed ranged distance check for hits.
– Fixed ranged hit order, big hit before smaller hits.
– ironman can no longer use rune pouch presets.
– Fixed rune pouch dupe.
– Fixed safe deaths in wilderness.

– Added group iron offline kicking.
– Added a new teleport system in the tab interface, corner right at the bottom.
– Added the runecrafting Abyss.
– Added GWD 1:1 with OSRS.
– Added Saradomin’s light.
– Updated drop tables and collection logs.
– Finished the scrying quest.
– Everyone will now get a Nex and Nightmare drop.
– The entire world now uses the UK timezone this includes all timed actions.
– Removed exp lamp competition warning.
– Exp lamps now scale based on current level.
– The sanguine twisted bow is no longer using magic as accuracy.
– Updated prices of the tournament shop.
– The yell tag scroll is no longer consumed.
– Added Galvek to collection logs.
– Added masori armour to superior bosses droptables.
– Added superior bosses to collection logs.
– Changed default value for loot key valuables from 1M to 150k.
– Added a world message to the alchemy system.