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Posted by Sharky
February 24, 2023

1: Real World Trading (RWT)

  • Offering to Buy or Sell ViolationX GP/Items for anything else other then ViolationX Ingame Wealth is a serious offense. (Trolling about RWT is also an offense).
  • Buying graphics/images for the ViolationX forums or anything ViolationX based with in-game currency is fine. (Feel free to check with a staff member in-game if you’re un-sure.)

2: Scamming

  • Scamming an item from another player is a serious offense. This includes:
  • Rule Switching in a risk fight, Rebelling upon set rules (in a risk fight, gamble etc), Not paying out the pot agreed upon etc. Failing to return lent items that were agreed to be returned is considered scamming.
  • You cannot agree to Risk/Stake/Gamble an item you don’t have (Ie. Saying you’ll bet a bond that you haven’t yet bought).
  • You cannot manipulate prices in any way, This includes selling items to your friends and alternate accounts to trick other players into thinking an item is worth a price higher or lower than it really is.
  • Lending out items that you’ve lent from another player will be classed as a scam unless agreed by the original owner of said item(s)
  • Gambling lent items is against our game rules, this will result in an account ban.
  • No leniency will be offered for this rule.
  • Failure to see what rules/items are in the gamble screen, is your OWN fault and will not be investigated as a scamming situation.
  • You can NOT gamble for other players. There are restrictions in place for a reason.

3: Macroing

  • Using third party software to gain an advantage over another player (Autoclicker, AHK) etc.

4: Bug Abuse

  • Attempting to abuse a known bug/glitch/exploit on either the forum or server is a serious offense.

5: Impersonating players

  • Impersonating another player (by either claiming to be a staff member, impersonating a Gambler Account/Trusted player, claiming to be them on a different account, claiming to have special rights) etc is a serious offense.

6: DDoSing and DDoS Threats

  • DDoSing (or threatening) a player or the server is a serious offense and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Joking about DDoSing another player/server will resort to a UID/IP ban from the server.
  • This also includes distributing a players or the server’s partial/full IP address and other similar information.

7: Ban Evasion

  • Using other accounts to evade a punishment given to you by a staff member is an offense.
  • All punishment’s are to be fully served before you can be re-accepted into ViolationX (This includes playing with a new IP/PCID/UID).
  • If you somehow manage to log into the server without having an accepted appeal, please message a staff member and we can resolve the issue and put you in the right direction to writing a new appeal (This may look good on your next appeal)
  • Aiding a player who is avoiding their punishment is also an offense. (Giving items with knowledge that they are an avoider, or helping them with a service such as: Inferno cape completions, fire cape completions, free raid carries)

8: Advertising

  • Advertising another server or anything similar that may damage our playerbase is not allowed under ANY circumstances.
  • You may not advertise on other servers either as that attracts negative attention towards ViolationX & it may attract malicious intent.
  • This also applies to the ViolationX Discord and the ViolationX forums, if caught advertising an in-game punishment may be handed out.
  • Mentioning other servers in general conversation or as a comparison is fine. If the conversation turns more towards an advertising stance, a staff member will step in and stop the conversation(s). (This is entirely up to the staff member’s discretion.)

9: Exposing Personal Information (DoXing)

  • Posting content such as pornography, gore or linking illegal downloads such as torrents is not tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Releasing personal information/pictures of or about a player without their permission is not tolerated
  • This includes skypes, IP addresses, home addresses, e-mail addresses, workplaces, social media, etc.
  • This rule also applies to the ViolationX Discord/Forums. If caught an in-game punishment will be handed out.(UID/IPban).

10: PK Farming

  • Any form of kill Farming (Paying for kills, killing yourself on a different PC/IP, asking your friends for free kills) is a serious offense.
  • Teleporting back to the same location that you died, and getting killed again by the same person IS NOT PK farming.
  • 11: Lying to staff members
  • Lying (or with-holding the truth) to a staff member is a serious offense.

12: Gambling/Selling/Giving away accounts

  • If an account is Gambled, Sold or given away, the account will be PERMANENTLY BANNED with no chance of receiving it back.
  • This also includes attempting to give your donor rank to another player, who attempts to say it’s their account; We will consider your account given away it will be banned upon attempt.
  • The player(s) that are involved in said situations can also be eligible for punishment(s).

13: Hacking

  • Hacking a player’s account is a serious offense.
  • If you are given access to another persons account for a certain reason, you are only to be on that account for that reason only. (Ex. Logging into another players account to do an in-name donation, but then going to hydra after completing said donation.)

14: Making “Flame” accounts

  • Creating an account with a username that contains profanity is an offense.
  • Creating a name that contains racial slurs, is an offence.
  • Creating HCIM accounts with names that intend to harass or flame certain players by losing their hardcore status, is an offence.

15: Multilogging

  • You CAN NOT have more than one account in the wilderness at any one time. (This includes when pvming).
  • You CAN NOT use more than one account to fight the same bosses.
  • You CAN NOT use more than one account to fight in the same dungeons (such as GWD, Kourend, etc.)
  • You are allowed ONE main account and ONE Ironman account, to farm seasonal event currency.
  • If caught drop trading currency from your Ironman to an alt or main account, this will lead to a punishment.
  • (This only applies if farming on two accounts)

16: Repeating Jailable/Mutable offenses

  • Repeating offenses that you have previously been Muted/Jailed is a bannable offense.

17: Using multiple accounts for voting/starter rewards/daily money making tasks

  • There is a vote cap per account for a reason
  • If you are caught using multiple accounts to vote, you will lose your items and possibly be banned
  • Using multiple accounts to receive more than one “weekly top voter” reward is also punishable
  • You can NOT use your phone to redeem more votes
  • This multi-account rule also applies to other account based rewards, such as starter kits, achievements and daily activities

18: Safespotting bosses

  • You are NOT allowed to safe spot ANY bosses

19: AFK Training

  • Using methods to bypass this is against the rules; E.g: Using a macro that will click¬†whilst AFK training.

20: Group Ironman Alternate accounts

  • If you have any alternate accounts of your own in your group ironman team, upon winning a contest, the bonds for that account will be nulled and voided.

Muteable/Jailable Offenses:

21: Yell chat & Help CC

  • Yell chat and help CC should not be used for excessive arguing, flaming, harassing, etc.
  • English only in help chat and yell chat
  • If you have any issues with a player it should be taken to private messages
  • If you’re warned by a staff member for any inappropriate activities on yell (or help cc), please discontinue immediately
  • Refusal to do so will always result in punishment(s)

22: Spamming

  • Sending multiple messages in quick succession, whether they be meaningful or not, is considered as spam, which is disallowed and you will be asked to stop. Refusal to do so will result in a mute.
  • Autotypers ARE ALLOWED under strict conditions; They may not be used over the yell chat or the ‘help’ clan chat, And, the timer must be considerate to those around you. [15 seconds minimum].

23: Excessive Swearing/Flaming/Flame baiting

  • Flaming: the use of excessive flame towards other players with the intent to cause emotional harm will NOT be tolerated. This includes using profane language and/or personal attacks.
  • PK banter: only allowed to take place directly before, during, and/or after a player vs player fight. Absolutely no PK banter in the help clan chat or yell chat. Staff are able to stop to PK banter when it is to go too far. (At the staff members discretion.)
  • Note: you still may be muted for PK banter depending on the severity of flame and other broken rules (ex. racism)
  • Flame baiting: the repetitive use of flame baiting tactics with the intent to try and incite flame from an individual, or a group of individuals, will NOT be tolerated.
  • This does NOT mean you’re able to flame someone who is flame baiting you. If you give in and flame back there’s a possibility that both parties will be punished under the flaming rule. The best course of action is to ignore list and/or report the player for flame baiting.
  • Assessed by staff on a case-by-case basis

24: Harassment

  • Assessed by staff on a case-by-case basis
  • Teasing/discriminating users excessively is counted as harassment and will no be tolerated. (This includes Race, Sexuality, Gender, etc. )
  • There are areas for this and the forum should be welcoming for everyone. No one should feel intimidated to post or be a part of our community.
  • Ironmen accounts should not be harassed by other players while publicly bossing/training (e.g. crashing them intentionally)
  • This rule includes non-Ironman accounts but is a little more lenient with them as they could still get the drops if crashed.
  • Wilderness bosses only fall under this category if a players sole intent is to crash the ironman (e.g: 1 iteming to hit the boss a few times so the irons can’t get the drop, this includes if you’re killed and you just keep coming back to hit the monster once or twice so the ironman doesn’t gain anything.)
  • If two players (Iron or Main) are killing the same monsters in a public location with a purpose such as slayer task, you’re both fighting for a resource and this would not be considered crashing.
  • Racism & racial slurs will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Sexual harassment will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance, this will possibly lead into a harsher punishment. (Ban/UID/IPban.)
  • Extorting payment from players is prohibited. – Requests for payment for an “off” in any PvP setting is prohibited. If the attacked player asks to pay to be left alone then this is fine, however, the attacking party can not insinuate or provoke a player into offering payment.

25: Staff Disrespect

  • Disrespecting a member of our staff team will not be tolerated, they’re here to help you.
  • Making accusations (without proof/basis) of a staff member abusing their powers falls in this category. If they’re abusive, please create a formal and respectful topic about it on the forums, or PM one to an administrator
  • This especially applies to any flaming as a result of someone punishing/infracting you.
  • If you don’t agree with a staff member’s decision, RESPECTFULLY report it on the forums so it can be reviewed by the owners and/or administrators. Signs of blatant disrespect/slandering within these posts will drastically decrease it’s validity, and in some cases breaks this rule on its own.
  • If you are warned by a staff member for any false accusation over yell, you are obligated to discontinue. If you are to continue, punishments will be issued.

26: Luring

  • Luring of ANY SORT will not be tolerated. Advertising that there’s a “Drop party” in the wilderness (in public, yell, clan chat etc) is an offense.
  • Trying to entice other players to come to the wilderness based is not recommended and puts you at risk for punishment if there is any ambiguity in your statements. If you’d like to ask other players to fight you, make sure your intentions are communicated clearly.
  • This also applies toward enticing/encouraging players to enter any other situations of risked losses under misleading/unclear/dishonest pretenses
  • Asking for assistance from a staff member/player whilst in the wilderness (with lure intentions) is also an offense.
  • (Disclaimer: If you’re in the wilderness already, logged out or not, this rule will have much less of an effect and will be based off of specific actions during a situation, and will be decided upon by the staff members.)

27: Punishment Threads (Forum-based)

  • Making a thread about a previous Infraction/warning/ban in any section other than appeals will lead you to get further punishment.
  • If a staff member has punished you, it was for a reason. You can make ONE appeal, and ONE appeal only. If your appeal is declined, try again in 30 days.
  • If you feel a punishment placed upon you by a staff is unfair, private message another staff member and they’ll help you out.
  • Any ban evading or posting elsewhere will result in a void of your appeal and further punishment. Ramifications are in place for a reason.

Risk fight rules:

  • Have a STAFF MIDDLE MAN or VIDEO EVIDENCE with a statement similar but not limited to “I AGREE TO RISK (INSERT NAME) X AMOUNT”.
  • Failing to do so causes more issues and will not be deemed as a risk fight.
  • A 1B Minimum. To prevent players from abusing the risk fight rules a 1B has been set in place. It is a risk fight so there must be an element of risk.
  • The risk fight must be fought in Risk zone or at CPVP to clarify as a Risk fight.
  • A red skull is the final requirement and makes it very clear that you are in a risk fight. The duel arena is a safe alternative for those wanting to risk small amounts with specific rules.

1: Player-jumping (pjing) a Riskfight

  • Pjing a person’s risk fight is an offense.
  • This includes Pjing just Before, During and After a risk fight.

2: Standing under a risk fight

  • Intentionally standing under somebodies risk fight is an offense.

3: Disobeying agreed rules

  • If prior to the risk fight rules were set and agreed upon, you most follow them.
  • Repeating this offense may lead to an account ban, as this is technically considered to be a minor scam.

4: Rushing in/a risk fight

  • Instantly using special attacks against a player in a Risk Fight is classified as “Rushing” and is not acceptable. (After the first hit your free to use your special attacks).

Extra notes / Disclaimer:

  1. Avoiding an IP punishment (ie. being IP-Muted then talking on a new IP) is an offense & you will be punished for punishment evading.
  2. No matter your staff rank or donator status, you WILL be punished if you break the following rules. We sometimes offer leniency, especially for mutable offenses, but there are also non-exceptional offenses such as scamming that will result in punishment without warning. We have zero tolerance for that kind of behavior.
  3. People who have broken rules multiple times (even on separate accounts) face the risk of a full ban from the server. You will be blocked from playing or creating any other accounts.
  4. Exceptions to this rule list will more than likely occur once in a while.
  5. Item lending is at the owner’s risk. Staff will punish those who scam in these cases, but the items may not be able to be recovered. We do not recommend lending items or doing trust trades!
  6. Account sharing is at the owner’s risk, staff may not be able to refund the item(s) or recover the account if lost. The account owner, of a shared account, will also be held accountable for any rules broken under that account name regardless of who was on the account at the time.
  7. Hosting publicly advertised “services” (payment for signing on another player’s account and completing milestones/achievements/etc.) is permitted to staff members only.
  8. Any action that is classed as a “grey area” is to be decided by the community manager/owners. Whilst said action is in review, we recommend you discontinue what that action is.